From The Office Of The President

- 4/6/2020


Above all:  The health of our membership is priority 1!  Be patient, use common sense and act on approved information.

Your Department leadership has been working to develop a way to conduct critical Department business while operating within the constraints placed by National and State leadership for dealing with COVID19, and adhering to VFW National/State B-Laws and Policy.  As restrictions and impacts of COVID19 evolve the below Concept-of-Operations will evolve accordingly and you will be notified of changes.  Our initial concept is as follows:

- COVID 19 STATE CONVENTION & CofA:  The Department will now conduct a "Business Only” State Convention and 2020-21 CofA of approximately 1-2 days, between 17 and 20 June 2020.  Location will either be Kalahari or Crown Plaza, Columbus-North, depending on COVID19 restrictions/concerns.  There will be no hospitality rooms, testimonials, banquets, training, guest speakers, Program Chairman Reports, etc.  The goal is to physically bring together the "minimum set” required for Convention and CoA Quorum requirements, while maintaining appropriate social distancing.   

 -- The minimum Convention business we are required to accomplish is:  Elections/Installation of Department leadership, approval of By-law changes, National Resolutions and Convention Time and Place Selection. 

 -- The minimum CofA business we are required to accomplish is:  Approve a new Budget, approve Policy changes and discuss any other pertinent information from the new State Commander.

- MAY DISTRICT MEETINGS: Given the goal to reduce the size of physical meetings, District Commanders will "relay Post votes” for their respective District” at the COVID19 Convention.  Voting will include Department Officers (first and second choice in case of a runoff), By-Laws, Resolutions and Time & Place.  To accomplish this, District Commanders will be required to "Caucus”with represented Posts at their May meeting!  Pertinent information will be E-mailed to District Commanders and posted on the Department Web-page and Facebook.  Our Department Credentials Chairman, Mike Rebeta, will be "monitoring” the voting process along with Department Representatives at each District meeting. 

 -- Cutoff for candidates declaring for a particular Department office via written letter to the State Adjutant is "24 April,” Candidates can campaign at District meetings, but must leave during Caucusing.  The following candidates have declared their nominations at previous Department Meetings and therefore DO NOT need to submit a written letter to the Department Adjutant:  Office of Department Surgeon:  Kari Pfeifer, Jose Torres and Bill Marsh; and all current line officers moving to the next higher elected position, or remaining in their current position.

- APRIL/MAY POST MEETINGS: Post Commanders know their Post and members best!!  Posts have the option to have a meeting in April if they can achieve the minimum Quorum for 2ndround nominations/elections as prescribed by National (5 minimum present), or Post By-Laws, and stay within the current recommended social distancing and other guidelines for meetings.  A Post may "cancel” their April meeting and re-schedule for May (ensure all members are notified accordingly). If a Post believes it cannot have an April, nor May meeting it can leave the "current officers in place until a safe meeting can be accomplished.”  If you cancel/reschedule a meeting or leave current officers in place the Post Commander must notify their respective District Commander who will notify the Department Adjutant!!  NOTE: Information in this Paragraph was previously mailed to every Post Commander on or about 24 March 2020!

- DETAILED TIMELINES and TASKS primarily for District Meetings and State Convention/CofA will be released next week as they require enhanced review to include National HQ. For now I want the Department to get the "top level” picture so everyone can reorient their expectations of what will happen over the next two and a half months.  We are working closely with the Auxiliary as we move forward!