From the President: Urgent!

- 3/16/2020


 - In light of the Governor of Ohio’s declaration to close all Restaurants and Bars at 9PM tonight 3/15/2020, which includes Posts and Lodges, I’m issuing the following Emergency General Order:

 - VFW Posts will close their Canteens at 9PM tonight 3/15/2020.  While Canteens are closed recommend you use existing employees to clean and sanitize the Post, in this way they are still employed.

 - The "Post” itself may remain open for the conduct of critical Post business only, all other activities (dinners, bingo, etc.) are to be cancelled. Recommend you utilize Line Officers and/or Executive Committees to conduct business if you have a critical issue to address, preferably by Phone, E-mail etc.  The goal is to limit person-to-person contact, i.e., Social Distancing!!

 - The Department will monitor the situation and provide additional guidance as it develops!!  Use the chain-of-command for questions/inputs/concerns.

 I do not take this action lightly.  Per our National HQ, "The VFW takes the health and safety of our staff and members very seriously; it is our first priority.” 

 Dan Faulkner


VFW Ohio Charities