Veteran Groups Testify for HB 282

- 10/26/2019

This legislation will modernize our charitable gaming and allow us to continue operating and bring our capabilities into this century. 
Below are the talking points from OVFCC:

  • Permits instant bingo to be played in electronic form in addition to paper. There’s no expansion of gaming. We already play instant bingo in paper form. This is simply a technology upgrade and gives us more options to play on paper or electronics.
  • Requires all machines to be connected to a central system for security and financial integrity.
  • Systems are approved and regulated by the Attorney General. Attorney General David Yost supports this legislation.
  • These games are only in private clubs. They are not open to the general public. Only members and guests can play.
  • Veterans and fraternal organizations give millions of dollars to local charities each year. This bill would increase our ability to support our locations and charities in the local community, at no expense to taxpayers.
You can follow this legislation on the Ohio House Website.